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How to pack for a trip to the jungle

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By Staff Writer

Going into nature is in our bones. Embarking on a jungle trek is a perfect way to feel connected to our roots and experience an uplifting and inspirational voyage. Whilst a privilege to immerse in an area most people can’t or won’t, the jungle is not a forgiving place and caution should be taken seriously.

It’s a tropical environment where its hot, humid and wet! There are plentiful creepy crawlies and poisonous plants to watch out for (nothing a good guide can’t keep you away from). It’s a dangerous place for the inexperienced and not being equipped properly can be detrimental to your trip and safety. Here’s some handy tips on how to pack for a trip into the jungle.

Below is a list of reasonable items to take for a one or two day trip (increase items for longer stays and research more). Having loose fitting clothing, with plenty of air to breathe is important given the climate. Taking into consideration the dense jungle floor and canopy, long sleeves and trousers are a must, tucking in all ends to cover as much skin as possible with minimal entry points, you’ll want to stop critters from getting in!

Waterproofs are crucial, given the random and sometimes never ending downfall, and a spare pair of socks will stop your toes getting all soggy and developing into jungle feet. Not pleasant.

Finally shoes – hiking boots are essential. You could get away with a sturdy pair of good boots/trainers, but for optimum safety and support, get a pair of hiking shoes and break them in beforehand to prevent blisters on your trip. Waterproof types are okay, but not recommended as they won’t dry out easily if they get wet.

● lightweight trousers and fleece
● waterproof jacket and trousers
● shorts/convertible trousers
● socks
● long sleeve t-shirt
● short sleeve t-shirt

Now onto essential items. Most are self explanatory, and probably ones you’d pack for any trip. But items such as a head torch and multitool can come in handy in a survival situation or at night, and having a good water purification/neutraliser of a water bottle could save your life.

One should never embark on a jungle trek without a document wallet (waterproof if possible) and a first aid kit. Some good additions for your adventure are items like a travel tool and adapter, dry bags and binoculars.

● sun hat
● sunscreen
● document wallet
● insect repellent (deet based)
● bite relief click
● first aid kit (sterile needles, blister pads and chaffing cream)
● head torch
● water bottle/hydration system
● water purification/neutraliser
● multi tool

When it comes to packing your bag, pop all your items you’ll least likely use until further into the trip at the bottom so spare clothes, bite relief, repellant, etc. Then to maximise space when packing your clothes on top roll them instead of folding.

Finally, handy items such as multi tool/sunscreen/headtorch can fill up those side pockets. Always have your water to hand or easily accessible and obviously know where your first aid kit is.


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