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Essential travel apps for 2016

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By Evelyn Masaba

This year is not for slackening. 2016 is for exploring the world so jump out of your comfort zone and discover new things! It does not have to be all over the world; it can be your immediate environment. There are several apps that have been developed to make travel planning easy for you; they are in categories with less detail but you can look at them after.

Flight planning apps
These apps help you book flights easily and know which aviation companies available in your location have promotions running. They also show you flight plans, routines, luggage weight and stopovers, among others, to help you plan ahead before booking a flight to your destination. Some of the apps might not be available on Android or iOS, but they include TripAdvisor Flights, FlightGear Free, CoPilot Aviation Flight Planning, Aviation tools and QRouting. But there are so many others out there that you can look at it.
Picture and videos
When on the go and trying to share the amazing scenery or happenings where you are, you need apps that won’t let you down. Apps that help you edit images and send them easily to the people you care about or those that let you see what you are experiencing in real time. You will need Snapseed (high editing), Periscope (videos) and Snapchat (Short videos and imagery), among several others to document your journey.
Food and dining
Who doesn’t want to try out new things like tasty cuisines in a different country? Every country you travel to will have several different dishes unique to that location and it would not be a worthwhile trip if you didn’t try them on your journey. There are apps such as Zamato Restaurant Finder, Restaurant Finder, Bondi Group Restaurant Finder, etc. In East Africa there is Hellofood, which has a number of restaurants for your location.
Mapping and location
Any smart traveller will tell you that you need mapping and location apps on phone, especially when going to places you have never been to. Google Maps, Tripomatic and LiveTrekker will help you make travelling in unfamiliar territory easier for you to map out and not get lost.
Translation apps
In times when you need to talk to the people in your new location but language barrier becomes a stress factor, you need apps that help translate and give you basic language lessons that will help you survive. Try apps such as Google Translate, Bravolol and Duolingo, which will help you navigate through languages anywhere you go.
Hotel and lodgings
You do not have to wait upon reaching your destination to get a hotel or lodging; there a several apps such as Jovago and TripAdviser that help you get lodgings without moving an inch. All you have to is type in your destination and several hotels within the area will pop up. You will find them ranging from 5-star and below. The best part is that you don’t even have to worry about overbooking or other amenities because people rate the hotels.

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