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8 awesome things to do on vacation in Rwanda

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By Staff Writer/Travel News Rwanda

Going on a wildlife safari is one of the main reasons most tourists come to Africa. In Rwanda, there are several fan things to do on vacation — from going on safari in the Akagera National Park, trekking the unique mountain gorillas in the Virunga Massif, swimming in hot springs, to lazing on the sandy beaches of Gisenyi.

Mountain gorilla trekking
Go on the Volcanoes National Park trip and you will embark on an exciting mountain gorilla trek. You will spend half a day trekking in search of the famous mountain gorillas (you are guaranteed at least an hour with the Gorillas).
These tours are run in cooperation with the ORTPN park authorities and you will be accompanied by guards and park staff. On this trip you will also visit the Kaisoke Research Centre, the tomb of the legendary Dian Fossey and go on a nature walk by the volcanoes.

Chimpanzee trekking
Another tour that is offered is the Nyungwe National Park trip where you go Chimpanzee trekking. There’s also a Colobus monkey trek and nature walk where amongst 300 species of birds, 13 species of primates and 250 species of trees. You also get to go camping on this tour and spend time with nature.

Swimming in hot springs
Another amazing activity you can do is swim in hot springs. The water is so warm you can boil an egg while swimming in the hot waters. The hot springs are near Gisenyi and are adjacent to Lake Kivu. There’s also the hot springs of Bugarama where the springs bubble into a big green pool. Don’t miss out on the chance to have this wonderful experience. It’s perfect after a long day of trekking.

Lake cruises
There is a tour you can go on called ‘Lake Kivu’ where you get to go on lake cruises between some of the resort towns including Gisenyi, Kibuye and Cyangugu. In Kibuye there are water sport facilities if you fancy getting wet and having some fun in the water. This tour also includes nature discovery adventures around some of the deserted islands. This is ideal for those who want to get avoid big tourist spots and explore off the beaten path. These natural attractions are largely unexplored. You will walk to the top of the island of Napoleon’s Hat where you will witness many bats creating a dark sky.

Basket weaving
Get to know the local skill of basket weaving. Watch the local women make baskets and go on a tour through the village. Tourists are encouraged to buy a basket from one of the women as it helps to support the local community through tourism.

Storytelling with the locals
What better way to get an insight into local life than to sit down and listen to the locals tell stories. You can really get to know their culture and ask them lots of questions. This is an unforgettable activity that you will thoroughly enjoy.

Make banana beer
One of the main products that the local people make is banana beer. You can take part in a banana beer making session and taste this delicious and refreshing local drink. Learn how it is made and spend some quality time with the local people.

Organic farming
Another activity you can get involved with is organic farming. You can learn how over the years the Rwandan farmers have created their own sustainable farming techniques. The local farmers produce products such as bananas, sweet potatoes and a variety of vegetables. You will be impressed by the way the farmers use traditional methods and learn a lot from your visit.



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