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Inside Serena Hotel’s Maisha Spa

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By Evelyn Masaba 

“To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders,” so said Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu.
After weeks or days of working and tiring your brain, at times it becomes too much for your body. The more you work without a moment to indulge your body and brain, the more both are likely to give way even faster than you expect.

Relaxation is quite vital for the human mind and body. You need to always take time off all the work, smartphones, computers, noise, etc, and relax.

This means that you need to go to a place that embodies good aura, relaxation and mental bliss. A place that will help rebuild your body and replenish the lost energy and strength.

The Maisha Spa at the Kampala Serena Hotel is one such place. It is not just about getting a simple massage and working out after someone has dug through your muscles and you still have aches all over. Maisha is the kind of place where you go when you want to test the limits your body can reach and surpass — and at the same time learn more about the true language that your body speaks.

A calm environment
The walk from the main Serena structure to the Spa is almost part of the therapy. The several trees with a breeze waving leisurely as you cross over the small bridges with little brooks flowing under them into the man-made pond create a calm environment.

Inside the spa, the space has a calming, yet welcoming feel to it. You can see the intricate decor with warm brown and turquoise colours throughout the whole area matching the calm aura.

The first thing you do on arrival here is to have a consultation with the spa’s in-house professionals who have been in the beauty therapy, bodybuilding and health business for years.

This consultation helps them know what they should recommend for you in terms of workouts, massage and facial therapy that is offered at the spa.

After the consultation you get a daily workout schedule that helps you monitor what you do throughout the week.

Two sections
There are two sections of the spa: one upstairs and another downstairs, and the latter is a big contrast from the former. It is a well-stocked gym with an expansive workout area whose equipment varies from what workouts are carried out within the space. The area has fast paced and loud music that is set to match what happens upstairs — a fast pace of energy and strength.

You will find trainers in every space working or helping someone match up to the routine. Every workout you do is on a specific schedule that is made for you according to the results of your first consultation at the spa. This is important for you because it helps you not to jump onto a workout lifestyle that is not good for your body type, especially for people with heart and high blood pressure issues.

The trainers will go as far as explaining and recommending a number of lifestyle changes that need to be undertaken in your life to compliment your new healthy step, especially concerning the way you eat and live.

Several classes
There are several classes offered here, ranging from spin classes, yoga, zumba, swimming and aerobics, and the best part is that you work out amid a clear view of the city.

The downstairs section is more calm, even the music is very calm and relaxing. When the masseuses talk to you, their voices are calm as they instruct you on what you will do for your first time as a guest at the spa.

There is fruit infused water all over the spa — even at the gym — that is said to be very healthy for you and because so many people can’t drink plain water.

No mobile phones
The spa doesn’t allow phones, the moment you get to the dressing room you leave everything behind in your locker. Phones interrupt the calm aura in the area and you will be fined close to $30 for using your phone within the space.
There are six rooms in the lower spa with several more being worked on to increase the number. Lilac, Gardenia, Lavender, Jasmine and Mimosa are private massage rooms and each is well equipped with a self warming bed, a music player for the client to select their calming music, Elamis oils, facial machines and sometimes a shower for you to use after.

The spa offers a wide range of massage, from hot stone massages which the head masseuse recommends for anyone with aches and pains, to aromatherapy and deep tissue massages.

There’s a room specifically made for working on manicure/pedicure, complete facial and salon needs for any of the clients that come in.

Once you visit the Maisha Spa, all the aches and pains you had will be left behind on your way out. The services offered here can easily be rated above and beyond most spas in Kampala. It is little wonder that the Maisha Spa was one of the finalists at the “World Luxury Spa Awards” in 2013.

The writer is the public relations manager at Jumia Travel in Uganda. Travel.jumia.com is Africa’s No.1 hotel booking website, allowing you to get the best prices for more than 25,000 hotels in Africa and more than 200,000 hotels around the world. Jumia Travel has offices in Lagos, Accra, Dakar, Abidjan, Algiers, Douala, Kampala, Dar Es Salaam, Nairobi, Addis Ababa, Porto and Paris.


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