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How mobile wallet can make your travels easier

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By Evelyn Masaba

Technology is meant to help ease most of our day-to-day activities. And even though there exist a number of cons to using it, it’s very important to appreciate the good that has come with it.
Mobile wallets can be easily defined as apps or functions that have payment functionalities. Most wallets today incorporate mobile money and online payments such as credit/debit cards.
For example, in Uganda, you can pay for your bills using Mobile Money and transfer funds from your bank account to your mobile phone without leaving your couch.
So, why do you need a mobile wallet during your travels?

Not every place you travel to is going to be a big city, yet every destination necessitates you to spend a certain amount of money at some point. This means that you will have to carry cash on you all the time, but with mobile wallets your money woes can be easily fixed by a click on an app and everything gets back to smooth sailing as you enjoy your vacation with no worries.

Bulky cash problems
Travelling can become hectic, especially when you are carrying huge sums of money that you have to declare to the authorities in order to avoid suspicion and legal woes. You want to spend the money but carrying it is an issue yet you can easily access all your finances with a few apps on your phone or maybe send it via mobile money, which easily sorts everything out without having to be stopped for carrying huge sums of money.

ATM issues
Sometimes even banks have internal glitches that affect their ATM systems, which means that you will not be able to access your accounts for a certain amount of time yet, what you want to do does not need to wait that long. Your mobile wallet gives you access to all your funds at all times, including late hours when the banks are closed but you need to make transactions.

Payments made easy
It goes without saying that no one wants to line up in a bank every month to make payments for the necessary bills: hotel payments, flight booking, and several others, anymore. Having a mobile wallet enables you to easily complete all your pending payments without going to a bank or customer care centre, especially when you are very far from home.

Loans and savings
Recently, MTN Uganda, a leading telecom company in Uganda, started a new service that enables its customers get Mobile Money loans easily as long as they are registered. As an avid traveller, there are situations where you will find yourself in need of a quick loan, especially when you are a little far to collect the necessary documents. Having such a service eases your mind, especially when you have taken some much needed time off. As well as get loan from your mobile wallet you can use it to save money on the side for more of your upcoming adventure.

Customer assistance
There are so many banks that are embracing new services for their online customer, which means that even when you are not near their customer care centre, you can still reach out for assistance on their social media or chat with their service assistants on their websites for further help.

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