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Italy to fine tourists for abusively occupying sunbeds

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Italian authorities are going to apply heavy fines to tourists that occupy the best tanning spots on public beaches by using the already famous method of letting a towel on the sunbed in order mark the territory. Locals, authorities and tourist as well are bothered by arriving at the beach first thing in the morning to find the best spots already occupied by towels, deckchairs and umbrellas.

The Italian campaigned named by the authorities the “Safe Sea” is considered necessary on beaches full of tourists where finding the good places became an intense challenge in this season. Those who rush to reserve themselves the good seats at the beach by leaving their towels from early morning may have to pay fines of about 200 euros, writes the British newspaper “The Guardian”.

The initiators of the campaign against the tourists that occupy the best seats at the beach declared that this is unfair to others tourists who want to relax and have the decency to not resort to such behavior. More, authorities said in some cases they were targeting swindlers who were setting up chairs and umbrellas on public beaches that ought to be free of charge and renting them to tourists, a phenomenon that has prompted some tourists to complain.

Last weekend, the police patrolling on the beaches of Livorno town seized 37 chairs, 30 umbrellas, towels and even swimsuits that tourists had used to reserve the ideal spots, indicated La Repubblica newspaper. More, the newspaper concluded that the reservation of beach spots is an “ancient and ingrained habit” that began when the first big waves of tourists started to visit Italy after the Second World War. Attempts to claim back chairs and umbrellas could be an expensive exercise, as some areas are ready to dole out fines.



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