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Two tourists out of ten lose money during trips

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Losing money during a trip abroad was experienced by 22% of tourists and 8% of them had to deal with compromised card data, according to a report released by the computer security company Kaspersky Lab.

Tourists make numerous financial transactions when abroad, even when connected to an unsecured Wi-Fi network. The study cited shows that 45% of people traveling do believe that losing money is one of the three main threats they may face abroad. More, a compromised card is placed in the top three threats by 35% of users, according to the Reuters. A lower number of respondents mentioned infecting the device (11%) or online fraud (20%) among the top three reasons for concern when traveling. However, 18% of them were victims of cyber-crime when they were abroad.

Tourists are victims of cyber-crime, mainly when performing financial transactions while connected to an unsecure network, the study reveals.

The same data shows that 82% of respondents connect to Wi-Fi anywhere when they are abroad using potentially risky connection, 61% of users do online banking transactions and 55% are shopping online. Only 34% of them use a secure network (VPN) when connecting to public Wi-Fi network, while 18% say they do nothing to protect themselves.

To avoid losing money, users are advised to use the cards only in safe places and to connect to the Internet using VPN and use effective cyber security solution.



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