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Caves become 5 star hotels for luxurious vacations

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Often, the hotels where tourists worldwide check in do not always stand out with anything special. This is not the case if talking about spectacular caves transformed into luxurious 5 star hotels with furnished apartments: all the comfort, in addition to an unforgettable experience. There are several such hotels luring tourists from around the world.


The cave-hotels in Cappadocia, Turkey

Cappadocia, Turkey’s historical region is particularly famous for rock formations in the Valley of Monks. Millions of tourists come here to explore the caves especially that some caves were inhabited in Bronze Age and later were used as refuges for Christians. The area is a paradise for those who want to stay in a cave hotel or guesthouse where they also can purchase hot air balloon flights, horseback or bicycle trips, according to the Huffington Post. 


Corte San Pietro, Italy

Corte San Pietro is one of the most beautiful places of Italy. Tourist can stop in Matera, Italy’s oldest city whose historic center, Sassi, is carved entirely in limestone rock. The five rooms at Corte San Pietro are perfect for romantic couples; the bathrooms are equipped with huge tubs that can hold two people and comfortable beds. The rooms are modern furnished and have internet access.


Sala Silvermine, Sweden

Sala Silvermine is described as the deepest hotel in the world, specifically 155 meters underground. The luxury hotel is housed in a former silver mine which apparently dates back to the Middle Ages and at one time was the largest silver deposit of Sweden. A night spent in one of the luxury apartments here, where furniture has details made of silver reaches about 450-500 euros. Before being accommodated tourists are invited to a recognition and orientation tour.



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