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Pain management tips while travelling

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By Joseph Oindo

You are suffering from a severe chronic pain. And the fact you are soon travelling is causing you sleepless nights. You imagine the long wait in the queue, uncomfortable seating in planes or cars, and the exhaustion of the journey. You can just throw up your hands in the air and become a virtual hermit!

But don’t worry. There’s no reason for that. Merely because you need management of pain cannot prevent you from travelling for pleasure or business. You cannot stop going to see your beloved family members just because of pain. What you need is a little more plan than the ordinary person.

Book directly with the hotel
You may use the hotel or a travel website to narrow down the alternatives where you would stay. Directly make contacts with the hotel to make reservations. Through this, you may ask questions about its services plus make requests for some special accommodation such as a room near an elevator or on the first floor – and learn about attractions and restaurants nearby.

Consider your transportation
When you are able to, book a direct flight to your destination and avoid the stress associated with changing planes plus long walks through large airports. You should purchase a sturdy case with rollers to keep off lugging your bags. Your airline should also know in advance that you need special attention by informing them. When hiring a rental car, ensure it has features such as adjustable seats and a tilting steering wheel which help keep you in some comfortable posture.

Make an inventory of what you’ll need on your trip
Apart from medications, you should include any creature comforts such as a neck pillow, cold pack, heating pad, or blanket. Ensure you pack medications plus all other pain treatment essentials in the carry-on bag.

Prioritise your sightseeing
List everything you’d like to do on the trip and then rank everything according to its order of significance to you. By this, when you experience a pain-flare, you may begin cutting activities from bottom up. This can also prevent you from trying to exhaust yourself by doing too much during the trip.
And have a happy journey, despite your pain!


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