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Britons might start paying for Europe visas

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According to the Home Secretary, British holidaymakers might trade the Brexit vote by paying for visas while travelling to Europe. Amber Rudd stated that this scenario has not been ruled out, as people outside the EU will probably need to pay visas if they want to visit EU nations. For British citizens, this is a result of the Brexit negotiations.

Similarly to the American ESTA model, the “holiday tax” is expected to cost around £10 per person. Besides, according to the Home Secretary, British people might be “forced” to pay this tax.

“I don’t think it’s particularly desirable but we don’t rule it out because we have to be allowed a free hand to get the best negotiation. It’s a reminder that this is a two-way negotiation. The EU and the Commissioners may be considering alternatives – they will be considering their negotiations with us, just as we are considering it with them,” Ms. Rudd declared.

Moreover, any person entering the 26-nation Schengen passport-free travel zone will be obliged to pay for a visa. As a result, Britain is willing to accept the EU visa plan in exchange for having control of its borders, so that any new immigration system would be reciprocal.

On the other hand, Andy Burnham commented about his concerns that the tax will only add around £50 to one family’s holiday costs: “This is yet another example of the drift and confusion as a result of the Government’s failure to plan for Brexit. Ministers should not just accept there’s a cost of £50 for the average family to go on holiday. The Home Secretary’s words will not have reassured ordinarily families about the cost of Brexit. She seems to be sympathetic to an idea that will put a flat £50 tax on the average family holiday in Europe.”

In response to the new policy proposition, the Home Secretary reassured the citizens in UK that the country will make the best decision for both the economical and social balance, as additionally officials might consider a work permit scheme for EU immigrants.



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