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Lake Bunyonyi in western Uganda is one of the most beautiful lakes on earth

Rough Guides 2017: Uganda ranked 4th in top 10 ‘must-see’ countries globally

By TNR Reporter

Uganda has been named one of the top 10 countries to visit in 2017.

The country, which was in 1907 described by Winston Churchill as the “Pearl of Africa”, is fourth on Rough Guides’ list of “must see” destinations worldwide and No.1 in Africa — with the likes of Tunisia, Tanzania, Morocco, South Africa and Kenya nowhere to be seen.

India tops the list, with Scotland second and Canada third.

Uganda’s appearance on this prestigious list could mark another dramatic turnaround in fortunes for a country that has in the recent past displayed commitment to developing its tourism sector.

Rough Guides, a UK-based travel guidebook and reference publisher owned by Penguin Random House, said that one of the reasons Uganda is a must-visit destination in 2017 is that “the small but incredibly diverse nation of Uganda remains a fascinating yet vastly underexplored destination.”

It highlights Uganda’s commitment to “heavy investment in its tourism infrastructure” as one of the game changers.

Rough Guides adds: “…in 2017 expect Uganda to vie with Kenya and Tanzania for international visitors, drawing more and more travellers with its astonishing wildlife.

“Find everything from three-horned chameleons to the iconic mountain gorilla – now more accessible than ever thanks to a recent gorilla-tracking initiative that allows trekkers to spend more time in the presence of these beautiful creatures.

“Where else you canoe past crocodiles on the Nile, track gorillas in dense jungles, soak in hot springs, scale snowy mountain peaks or visit a traditional Batwa village – all within a single day’s journey? Only in Uganda.”

Rough Guides’ top 10 countries to visit in 2017
1. India
2. Scotland
3. Canada
4. Uganda
5. Bolivia
6. Nicaragua
7. Portugal
8. Finland
9. Namibia
10. Taiwan


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