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UNWTO welcomes 5-day visa-free policy by Belarus to citizens of 80 states

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UNWTO has expressed its full support to the decision of the Government of Belarus to launch the 5-day visa-free policy that will be applicable to travelers from 80 countries. The measure aims at advancing seamless travel and attracting visitors, particularly those on business trips.

The Government of Belarus has recently decided to advance visa facilitation as a means to stimulate tourism development. The decision introduces visa-free entry at the Minsk National Airport and visa-free stay in Belarus for up to five days for the citizens of 80 states. Among those, there are 39 countries of Europe, including the entire European Union, Brazil, Indonesia, the USA and Japan.

“Visa facilitation is among the most effective strategies to induce tourism development in a region or in a country, so we are sure that the tourism sector will experience a positive shift in Belarus,” said UNWTO Secretary General, Taleb Rifai.

The promotion of seamless travel is one of UNWTO’s priorities, considering the proven capacity of visa facilitation to stimulate economic growth and job creation through tourism.

Belarus started policies to simplify the visa process in April 2016.

List of countries affected:
European Union- All EU citizens*, Australia, Albania, Andorra, Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Barbados, Bahrain, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Canada, Chile, China**, Dominica, El Salvador, Gambia**, Haiti**, Honduras**, Hong Kong, Iceland, India**, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Kuwait, Lebanon**, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Malaysia, Malta, Micronesia, Mexico, Monaco, Namibia**, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Norway, Oman, Panama, Peru, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Samoa**, San Marino, Saudi Arabia, Seychelles, Singapore, Switzerland, United States of America, Uruguay, Vanuatu, Vatican, Vietnam**


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