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Red Rocks to host cultural talent show

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Red Rocks Rwanda is holding a 3 day event dubbed Cultural Talent Show from 17th February to 19th February, 2017 at their headquarters, located 6km from Musanze town.The event’s main aim is to raise cultural awareness of Rwanda’s hidden talent and improve cultural dialogue.

During the event, attendees are going to be treated to a wide variety of authentic Rwanda’s cultural and entertainment expressions like music and dance delivered by locals, which allow both Rwandans and visitors alike  to gain deeper insight into the traditions and cultural heritage of Rwanda.

According to Greg Bakunzi, the founder of Red Rocks Rwanda, the organisers of the event, it will feature drama, poetry, and music by the locals who have formed small cooperatives to make a positive change to their lives in particular and the community in general.

“It’s through such events like Cultural Talent Show that not only do we create avenue to showcase our rich cultural heritage but also provide opportunity for talented individuals to market their talents,” says Bakunzi.

Even though the so called and much vaunted western civilisation has had a negative influence on the African culture in general, especially among the youth in the entertainment industry, Bakunzi adds that the traditional entertainment industry has a huge responsibility to promote African values, particularly those values like dress code that show the pride of the African beauty.

“The Cultural Talent Show is among those avenues through we are going to use to recapture some of the lost shine of our beautiful cultural expressions diluted foreign culture. Rwanda tradition is hidden but still actively alive in its people. These people just need a forum to express them out,” adds Bakunzi.

During the three day event, attendees will also have the chance to see, and take part in other forms of traditional Rwandan cultural expressions like art and craft, and the process of making traditional beer locally known as Urwagwa, the event that Bakunzi promises to be “a cultural blast from the past.”


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