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Collin Sekajugo returns with bigger plans for Ivuka Art Center

By Joseph Ondiek When historians finally compile the history of contemporary post-genocide art movement in Rwanda, Collin Sekajugo’s name will be engraved somewhere in bold gold letters. Born in 1980 in Uganda, Collin Sekajugo has etched his name in the annals of history as the father of contemporary art in Rwanda, through his Ivuka Art Center that he established in ...

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New initiative wants students to take active part in conservation

By Joseph Ondiek Ask any tourism industry player and they will tell you education is a critical aspect of environmental conservation. It’s in this regard that Red Rocks Cultural Center, based in Nyakinama village, Musanze district established Red Rocks Initiatives for Sustainable Development early this year, and among its key objectives is to promote conservation through education. According to Greg ...

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Tourism promotion will better the lives of Rwandans, says RDB

The Arsenal Football Club partnership with Visit Rwanda is part of Rwanda’s long-term tourism development and conservation strategy that is grounded in Vision 2050 and EDPRS II. As part of this strategy Rwanda has upgraded its conference and hospitality infrastructure, transport networks, tourist attractions and conservation policies. Rwanda is today ranked third most popular destination in Africa for hosting international meetings and events by ...

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Rwanda partners with Arsenal to boost tourism

Rwanda is to become the official tourism partner of Arsenal and the Premier League football club’s first ever shirt sleeve partner. The three-year partnership will see the new “Visit Rwanda” logo featured on the left sleeve of all first team, under-23 and Arsenal Women’s matches from the new season this August. The deal will among others highlight Rwanda’s tourism offerings such as the National Parks, ...

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Common myths and stereotypes about Africa and Africans

By Evelyn Masaba Africa is a beautiful continent full of warm, receptive people from the many different, easily accessible countries. And most countries, unlike what you see in the media, are very safe — apart from the very few turbulent regions. Yet, unless you have been to or were raised in Africa, you will not realise how wonderful the continent ...

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How Ngaruye is making a fortune from banana stems

By Joseph Ondiek Banana is like the tale about seven  blind people and the elephant. To some people, it’s food that enrich their diet. For a farmer, banana presents to them a fodder they feed their animals. For a section of Ugandans, the term banana can mean “waragi” where the regional famous potent spirit  Waragi is manufactured from, while in ...

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When you’re bitten by the wanderlust bug

By Evelyn Masaba Hello, my name is Cecile and I am addicted to travelling. Well, it does sound silly when you say it out loud, “addicted to travelling”; one might think that you’re just acting like a millennial trying to catch the attention of people who ‘live’ on the internet. But it is as real as it gets. To be ...

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Machu Picchu: What’s the big deal?

By Mitch Vandell When anyone sees Machu Picchu for the first time, the question that begs to be asked is: ‘what’s the big deal?’ At first glance, Machu Picchu is no more impressive than many European churches or universities built around the same time. However, most people refrain from verbalizing this observation and instead join the choir of tourists who ...

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