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It’s World Elephant Day: Interesting facts you need to know about these vulnerable animals

By Evelyn Masaba The African elephant is the largest existing land animal in the world, which makes them very easy to sight in the many animal reserves and national parks that they can be found. In Uganda, you will find several of these elephants in national parks such as Semuliki, Queen Elizabeth and Bwindi, while in Rwanda they can be ...

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Essential travel apps for 2016

By Evelyn Masaba This year is not for slackening. 2016 is for exploring the world so jump out of your comfort zone and discover new things! It does not have to be all over the world; it can be your immediate environment. There are several apps that have been developed to make travel planning easy for you; they are in ...

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Where was King Musinga buried?

By Gilbert Mwijuke The date was November 12, 1931. All notables in the kingdom were gathered in Kigali, patiently waiting on the news from Governor Charles Voisin about the new economic programme. For King Yuhi V Musinga, there was an air of anticipation that he would be deposed as he had been waiting for this moment for a long time. ...

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