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Machu Picchu: What’s the big deal?

By Mitch Vandell When anyone sees Machu Picchu for the first time, the question that begs to be asked is: ‘what’s the big deal?’ At first glance, Machu Picchu is no more impressive than many European churches or universities built around the same time. However, most people refrain from verbalizing this observation and instead join the choir of tourists who ...

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A vacation for the soul

By Evelyn Masaba It’s quite amazing how we think there is very little we as human beings can do alone. You do not picture yourself taking adventures and having fun without your family or friends. You do not give yourself the benefit of the doubt that you will enjoy your own company and not miss other people, because you are ...

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Apps that will make your life in Kampala easier

By Evelyn Masaba You cannot fail to admit that technological advancements have led to so many improvements in the general daily activities for almost everyone in the world. When you look at living within the city years before and in this modern time, there is a huge leap. A lot can be found at a click of a mouse or ...

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How to enjoy luxury trips at low prices

By Evelyn Masaba When most people envision travelling, they picture something easy and relaxing with cocktails and picture perfect scenery. Yet, before you envision all this, there has to be a plan and a budget. Although you have to remember that you do not need a big budget to go for luxurious trips, here is how. Cheap destinations Yes, it ...

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Travelers Today: Rwanda among 4 best global destinations to visit in 2017

Itching to travel this 2017? If you haven’t been able to get a time off last 2016 because of work or other responsibilities, then make sure you won’t do that again this year. There are many beautiful places in the world that you have yet to explore, and since travelling has become a very popular excursion, then don’t miss out ...

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Rough Guides 2017: Uganda ranked 4th in top 10 ‘must-see’ countries globally

By TNR Reporter Uganda has been named one of the top 10 countries to visit in 2017. The country, which was in 1907 described by Winston Churchill as the “Pearl of Africa”, is fourth on Rough Guides’ list of “must see” destinations worldwide and No.1 in Africa — with the likes of Tunisia, Tanzania, Morocco, South Africa and Kenya nowhere ...

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Common travel mistakes you should avoid in 2017

By Evelyn Masaba  There are so many issues that travellers overlook on their journeys, and a lot of this stems from a number of reasons that may include time and poor planning. It doesn’t only happen to first-time travellers, but seasoned ones as well. Here is how to avoid common travel mistakes. Over-planning There is such a thing as planning ...

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The thrill of travelling spontaneously 

By Evelyn Masaba There are times when you wake up and just want to pack your bags and make your way to places unknown. You feel like everything around you is too overwhelming to handle and all you need is a breather just to gather your thoughts and find peace in your heart for a moment. To relax and not ...

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Christmas excitement and January regrets

By Evelyn Masaba As the Christmas season approaches, there is a tendency to get overly carried away in a general sense of it. Everything we do even whilst planning for what to do during the holidays, there’s a sense of excitement which always comes back to haunt us after the holiday season. We always have so much to do and ...

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